“Swishy, Swishy!! Jam, The Salmon Fishy” is an imaginatively, colorful picture book series and visual adventure for young readers 2-7 year olds. This is a non-narrative and visual adventure for Jam and friends. Influenced with such great Dr. Seuss classics as “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” and “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” and, this book is packed with vivid, playful and fun filled images to amuse and stimulate beginning and young readers. It’s a book that a young reader can enjoy on their own or excellent for a bedtime reading with parents, sibling, grandparents, family or friends. Jam is gender and racially neutral.

Deepak Chopra's Center in Carlsbad, California, picked up the first Jam book, in print form, to sell in their store. It's an honor to have Jam sit on the bookshelf as Mr. Chopra.

"Fun Fishy Frolic" is the second ebook of this best selling series and it's a snap shot book of a variety of different events and experiences that Jam has with family and friends. It's a a good time for all. This is a fun non-narrative ebook to inspire dialog with any children. Each image was originally hand drawn.

Jam’s silly sweet humor and imagination continues in all directions as you are taking this fun vibrant journey. Jam, the Salmon Fishy is a charismatic, fun loving and wildly creative salmon that lives and swims in the ocean and lakes with family and good friends, including best friend, Jake.

This is an excellent children’s picture book with outstanding entertaining illustrations, by best-selling illustrator, Chris Friend (The Sprocketeers: Great Giza Gonzo). Dr. Seuss might even approve and enjoy this watery adventure.

Jam story starts as soon as he jumps from his home lake right into his world of imagination and hits the road. Jam’s next stop is couch potatoe styled then a quick dip in a the pool with his cool school. Then off to color the wildest color change and rocking out with some new fine folks. Then, like a tidal wave self realization grabs Jam and gives a whirl wind of insight.

In this first book, Jam explores fantasy wishing of experiences that would never happen in a fish’s world. Many of us wish for things we never could possibly have and then some of us realize the great amount of love and gifts we have in our life. Jam has a very wild imagination. Jam is a lucky, lucky fish. It’s a remarkable journey this little fish is on and a real morale and appreciation booster. There are some whimsical rhyming and lyrical styled story telling in Jam’s adventure. The illustrations depict the vibrancy and joy of the life Jam’s dreams and wishes and his actual remarkable underwater world. What a wonderful pet Jam would make if Salmon were ever to be pets. There are some very fun moments in the book suitable for children and adults to enjoy..

“Swishy, Swishy!!! Jam, the Salmon Fishy: Fun Fishy Frolic" is a must get for any child that loves animals, pets, fish and colorful fun-filled stories and a great second book in this collection. The first book did so well, Deepak Chopra's Chopra Center picked up the printed version for sale in his own store.

Jam is so much fun for children and the adults that love to read to them!